is it the end of physical bookstores?

Shelves are no longer "information gurus".

The publishing business has been suffering several changes in the past few years. Online stores are outnumbering physical stores in sales, and on-line-only players like Apple and Kobo have a clear interest on the growth of on-line book-selling (as Mike Shatzkin said here) .

If in the future there will be no more physical bookstores on the streets is still very uncertain. However the logistic costs to produce and distribute content on a physical media are very expensive. What will happen when it becomes unsustainable?

By acquiring content through e-readers and buying on online retail stores, consumers are unwillingly killing brick-and-mortar bookstores. Conveniences are many. Just imagine an endless bookstore available at your pocket, wherever you go. But aren’t we banishing culture from the streets?

It is also a certain advantage for independent writers to publish on stores like Kindle, not having to go through “complicated” procedures publishers have to use in order to select and filter what is going to be published. By removing that filter, publishers aren’t the only damaged part, the quality of the information may also be seriously injured.

Everybody can now be an author. Is that democracy or trivialization?


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